Thursday, November 24, 2011

Premium bikes. What's the point?

Looking back a couple of years (2009), I was searching for a new racing bike. With lots of time in my hand, and home bound for a few weeks, I searched and searched until I found a bike that would make me a little faster without having to increase my training time too much or make me sell the car to pay for it.

I haven't changed but as the subject of the so called halo bikes, or premium bikes have surfaced once again, I got my old list out, made a few changes and added a couple more bikes to it.

And here we go: Would x Would not buy it

Pinarello: couldn't justify the price (but if I win the lottery, I get a black one) - Would not!

Eddy Merckx: pay 20% more because of the name - Would not!

Trek: too much involvement with LA and dope cases - Would not!

Time: great ride, but I still don't like integrated seat tubes - Would not!

Look: same as Pinarello - Would not!

Giant: the powerful Taiwanese manufacturer sent USA's Schwinn broke - Would not!

Orbea: long story, still can't elaborate on this one - Would not!

Ridley: "We are Belgium..." - Would!

Felt: one of the F Series - Would!

Cannondale: rEVOlution - Would!

Storck: German technology at its best - Would!

Cervelo: only if Phil gave me a R5CA (picky, hey?) - Would not!

Canyon: affordable German technology at its best - Would!

Hey, how could you forget the McLaren Vange? - I hear a terrifying scream.

I didn't but I will choose one of these futuristic Specialized machines for my "must have" list.

Or perhaps one of these if they don't blow my Super totally before I get my hands on it.

And an Italian job.

CyclingNews put out a really good article on the issue of designing, building and selling superbikes, premium bikes, halo bikes, what ever we might call them. The question was: What's the point?

CyclingNews story

My question? Would a $10,000 bike make me a better rider?


Nils and Anke said...

What about SCOTT?

AMR said...

Hi Nils and Anke,
I left so many good bikes out and the Foil is one of them... But I might post something on the Australian brands, like Teschner, Baum, Malvern Star, etc...

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