Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do I need to start training?

I certainly do. I am missing the feeling of being fit and I found a new challenge.

But what is to be fit anyway?

For the more academic inclined, it is simply a state of good health, or good physical condition, specially as the result of exercise and good nutrition. For me, it is the feeling of taking my bike up to a speed and holding on to that speed for a long, long time. A time that, by my own dimensions, may feel like eternity.

I remember many years back, and just slightly unconnected to riding a bike, being in situations where, after a huge wipe-out, I was held under water for a long time. They were just a few terrific seconds and they could feel like eternity. Other times, when I felt fit, I would live those seconds with my eyes wide opened, and a smile.

Now, it is time to train to be able to hold that speed for longer. Longer than I ever could and in an environment that I am not accustomed to. It is time to start training for the new challenge.

Luckly, one of the hardest one day races in the world, and a favourite of mine, is also run for amateur riders. It is called the Paris-Roubaix Challenge and without many thoughts, I sent my registration email for it.

The unexpectedly fast reply came minutes later...

"Bienvenue en Enfer !

Vous êtes inscrit(e) au Paris Roubaix Challenge qui aura lieu le dimanche 1er avril 2012. Une semaine avant les professionnels vous allez pouvoir affronter comme eux les pavés du Nord, préparez vous bien, ils sont impitoyables."

Welcome to Hell and you will fight the cobblestones, get ready, it is going to be tough... Those words kept coming to my head during that night.

The route: one hunfred and forty-eight kilometers from Saint-Quentin and Roubaix, thirty-one clobbled kilometers (19 sections including the Tranchée d'Arenberg) and the Vélodrome de Roubaix for the finish.

I want to finish this one, time to start training. And the unavoidable crashes? Well, I hope they will be just like some wipe-outs...


Dee said...

Wow, looking forward to the posts about this race! New heavy duty wheels on order? Looks like it will shake your bones...

AMR said...

Hi Dee, it is going to be a great (hard) experience. I hope I can remember some of it with all the bone (brain) rattling the cobbles will generate... Wheels? I am shopping for a whole heavy-duty, yet supple bike. Check the Cervelo new look on the next post... can't use it!

Thanks Faizel Kearns, from Cape Town, for your email. I am planning the training, equipment, trip, etc at the moment. Will post soon.

Keep racing,


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