Monday, October 12, 2009

Magda Szubanski's achievement?

Lots have been said and written about Magda Szubanski's shameful episode a few weeks ago. I decided not to put anything here at the time, thinking that it would just get more attention and promote more negative behaviour in between drivers and cyclists.

For me, the whole thing was just a perfect example of cheap television, lack of taste and a large amount of stupidity, while performing (lets just call it that) on television in what I always considered to be a very silly segment of the GNW show, anyway.

But that's their concern and if the number of viewers are up for that time slot, the TV station won't care if they look like idiots or not. On the other side, it is us, the viewers, who can be blamed for what is shown.

But, as you can see, I changed my mind. Simply, and without going into too many details, because I was the subject of an assault (yes, a physical attack) by a passenger of a vehicle forty-eight hours ago. Having gone through all the post incident procedures, one thing came to my mind later: would that have occurred if Magda & colleagues hadn't done the show?

So, Magda, it was like this:

- riding my bike on the road with a friend;

- behind and slightly on his right, not two abreast;

- at a stop, behind three cars on a red light;

- one foot on the ground and one clipped in;

- person gets out of the car and starts abusing us;

- my explanation of cyclist's rights to be on the road were not processed by the person; and

- distracted for a second I got king hit by the person.


My guess is that the person who attacked me, might have watched the program that evening, or might have heard and discussed with friends what they should do to cyclists on the roads from that day on. It's just my guess!

Luckily, the driver didn't take me off, as it has been suggested but I have a friend who has suffered terrific injuries because a driver (intentionally or not) did open the door on him. And there are hundreds of cases, even some fatal ones.

So, what's next Magda?

Your low key apology and attempt to ride on
Ride to Work Day is not enough. I suggest that you and your colleagues, your employers and the rich TV stations in this country get together and start to air commercials aiming at drivers and cyclists education. Dreaming, yes I am but that's the only way we will see less violence on the roads.

Hey, it is all for a better world!

Ciao, for now.


A dream that was once lost but now found... said...

I hope you are ok Alberto? What happened to you is terrible and an absolute disgrace. I hope you are taking legal action against the offender.

AMR said...

Thanks, Nikki!
I am OK, just hope "Mr" can get some help with his life. He needs it...

James said...

That sucks, I hope you are okay!

People might say that this had nothing to do with Magda & Julia, but their comments would've struck a chord and reinforced the view of ignorant people who think cyclists shouldn't be on the roads

They can claim it was just a joke, but if she had've been making an angry joke saying that a particular race of people have no right to use the roads she would've been destroyed by the media, and her comments would've influenced bigots into thinking that their discrimination is okay, as long as you can make it out like it's a joke.

My mate while stopped at a roundabout had someone in a car stopped beside him yell out the window saying "the roads not ya gym, get off the road or I'll door ya"

Seems too much of a coincidence to me given the wording. :-(

Why are people so unkind?

AMR said...

I am great, thanks James!
You are so right with your comment.
It annoys me that she "offered" to go in the R2WDay as if she was doing cyclists a favour...
Hope your friend has recovered from his incident. They are all shocking experiences.

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