Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day Seventeen: Bikes & Phone calls

The last couple of weeks weren't the most exciting. There was only so much I could do around the house before I got drawn back to the computer, reading the news (cycling news that is...), looking at bikes and reading some cycling blogs. I am not into day time TV so the radio was on, tuned to Triple J all day...

On the cycling news front, the 2010 equipment revolution (post 2009 equipment revolution) got my attention. I learned, again, that every bike manufacturer is going to launch a stiffer, lighter, and faster machine for which, every other cycling related company has created a stiffer, lighter and faster piece of equipment to go with it.

Socks and jerseys are now made with carbon fibers. Hence, a humble prediction that by the end of 2010 we will be buying the same fibers to mix with our breakfast cereal or protein drinks for stronger, lighter and faster twitching muscle fibers... Now, that's a thought!

Looking at bikes and day dreaming always took a fair chunk of my spare time. Specially now when I might have to buy a new frame. It can be a bit repetitive some times but I try to look at all types. Carbon frames, steel and Al frames, track and TT bikes, Shimano and Campag groups (I can't stand that SRAM stuff) to go with them... Compact and traditional, black and black with red... The truth is I am always amazed by the beautifully designed gear.

But the more I learn, the more I believe that the reasons I had when I chose my "old" bike are still rationally valid. For one, my friend James liked the R3 (he is a scientist and should know everything). It wasn't very expensive, it was scientifically engineered, it was raced at Paris-Roubaix and at Alpe d'Huez and it was predominantely black, I couldn't have gone wrong.

However, I don't think I should ride the same bike forever, it might be time for change. After more search and price checks, I decided that if I have to, I will replace the R3 with the 2009 S2.

As far as cycling blogs go, I need to mention our friend BSNYC who has created a piece on another Canadian company (Cervelo is Canadian),
GURU Bikes, unusual marketing strategy.

The bikes do look fantastic and do fall in the category of I want one. Well, that is if I had a huge amount of cash to throw around and somehow could ignore the looks I would get from some of Snob's comment writers (the podium seekers) as I rode my new bike. That wouldn't be hard really! Although, I am not into most of the stuff he goes on about (I don't live in NYC and I don't own a fixie), Snob's comments on Contre-La-Mantra: Streamlining Your Sales Pitch are funny and would make me think twice before buying one of those frames.

Aaron's phone call

There have been many phone calls, one of them was from Aaron. It was a very unexpected call as it was the evening prior to stage ten of the
Crocodile Trophy, in the Far North.

Wasn't he supposed to be resting, or self-massaging or fixing his bike?

He sounded really happy and somehow relieved. He said the race was finished and next day's stage was just a formality. Formality? Fifty or sixty kilometers on a MTB are never a formality.

Anyhow, my friend "Jaman" did the Crocodile Trophy! What an effort, I am so impressed that I have to mention it here but I will leave it like that and wait for him to tell the stories when he gets back.

Congratulations Aaron!!!

Some stuff on Aaron's Croc Trophy adventure already on
The Jaman Files.

By the way, I believe he was having a couple of well-deserved commemorative rums when he called.

...more calls

Calls from insurance companies, work, solicitor, a team manager. Team manager? Yes, I got a call from a friend who manages a local racing team (I think he manages it). Anyhow, he asked me if I want to be part of his team for the 2010 season.

- Ah... uh...

- What do you want? He asked then...

Shit, I don't know what I want. Perhaps a whole season of racing for a change... I am now looking forward to the 2010 Road Season!

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Colin said...

Team Ride AMR? Sensational. Bring on 2010 Melbourne to Warrnambool.

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