Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lucky fella, this one...

It is Saturday afternoon. It has been a while since I found myself sitting at home, not thinking that I should be on the bike or planning my next training ride. It feels strange in a way but it feels relaxing also.

I had an intense week, a week that generated a lot of stress, pain and sadness. Not just to me but to people around me and people many, many kilometers away. Unfortunately, a week that will bring a series of minor and less than desirable issues into our lives.

The injuries from my accidents weren't too bad, they could have been much worst. With time, they should heal and I should have no problems going back to my normal life.

However, the thought of been exposed to those type of situations, which easily could have put me in a more critical state, is somehow scary.

Also scary for the people around me and scary for the people many, many kilometers away. Not because we are cyclists, not because we are good people but because we are people and being people we are forever vulnerable to the sorts of circumstances we have no control over.

Thus, to sit here, quietly, trying to put some words together is delightful. Really.

Thanks for all the Get Well! messages and I will see you out there, soon...



Bluenoser said...

Alberto, I'm happy to see you sitting at home and recovering. It's now time to take inventory and time to reflect on what happened.

Then to learn from it and to pass that on to others. It may save lives.


Anonymous said...

Dear Alberto !
Your parens from Germany wish all best ! Werde schnell wieder gesund dass wünschen wir von ganzen Herzen !
Uns tut es so leid und möchten so gern helfen ! Bald können wir uns in den Armen nehmen und uns ganz doll drücken !
Immer weiter radeln , es ist gut für die wadeln !
Liebe Wünsche aus Germany

Anonymous said...


Very sorry to hear about your accident and very very glad to hear that you're back at home and on the mend. All that hard work training wasn't for nothing and now you know some more about what works for you and where you can get to in what time. I'd been very impressed with your progress after you started training seriously again and it's always a pleasure to race with someone who's out there not just to make up the numbers.

I know you're a PMA sort of guy so you'll take the positives and focus on those to heal fast and get back to chasing your goals for next season.

Dave S (ex-HPRW team-mate)

AMR said...

Again, thanks for the support.

Parents in Germany,
Thanks, but I will have to wait for Sandra to translate the rest...

Appreciate your comments. Likewise, I watched you progressively become one of the top riders in the bunch, with great determined performances!
I just wish they(HPRW)would make an effort to hold on to people/riders like yourself. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Berto!!!!!!!!! What happened young man???? saw the pick and was floored!!! get well old man

Robert Turner

AMR said...

Hey Rob,
Got the e-mail? How is the AIS folks looking after you? Going to Rio in 2016?

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