Monday, November 21, 2011

Buying a pretty blue bike

I don't think I am different. I look at bikes on the net, almost daily. I buy magazines full of new-best-bikes often and I did admire the $12,000 plus treadly lying on the ground, shaking my head slightly and guessing that it belonged to a Gen X racer, who might not have made top ten in the C grade derby that morning.

The truth is, and my partner can verify that, I buy a dream bike every week. In my head that is. In fact, and only yesterday, I decided on getting this "old-school-ferocity" bike as it was sold to me in a magazine. It is a hand-welded Dedacciai 7000 series frame built for racing, not for show after all and for half the price of the premium types.

A perfect criterium bike experience tells me but do I need one? Perhaps not. If I realistically look at the type of riding and/or racing I will be doing in the next twelve months, a big NO. In addition, I already have a racing bike!

On that, and because we need a change now and then, I decided to have my own bike painted. It needed to be pulled apart and re-built after almost 2 years and something like 25,000 km, so why not give it a paint job and have a new bike for the summer season?

A couple of hours fiddling with Paint and I came up with this. A couple of phone calls, a two to three week wait and it should return to give me the feeling I am going faster than ever. At least the feeling.

However, I found this pretty blue bike on the net and decided that I was going to buy it without second thoughts. It might not go very fast in the local criterium but surely will go much farther than I will ever go. What do you think?

Check the specifications and geometry HERE.

And watch this video, imagining how far we can go with those pretty blue bikes...

Have a great week!


Dee said...

I am asking Santa for a blue bike! I have all I need for myself anyway.

Groover said...

The truth is, and my partner can verify that, I buy a dream bike every week.

I can't verify this! It's closer to every day. LOL

AMR said...

So glad I found the Blue Bikes. And you are right. I do have everything I need, too... and more. It must be the right time to get more folks cycling, hey.

Dream bikes, that says it all!

Nils and Anke said...

What a pretty bike you have choosen! Love the idea and love that you decided to continue "mind-shopping" and make someone else happy! We will ask Santa for a blue bike, too!
(It's actually quite funny, that buy a dream bike frequently and Groover is buying hers in REALITY ;-) )

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