Friday, November 4, 2011

Images of Rio

I visited Google's Analytics today. It is just something we do when jet lagged and don't know if we eat, go to bed, both or neither. But I found this picture and decided to share it. It shows visits to this blog coming from 58 countries in the last thirty days. How cool is that?

I think it is. But talking cycling and numbers (no TSSs figures I promisse), I managed to ride 627 kilometers during my two weeks stay in Rio. Not too bad, hey? I thought I was going to do five or six rides because of the traffic and celebrations but I squeezed in 10 rides. That's also cool!

I know I should have written a post or two while holidaying in Rio, I apologise for not doing so. Time was short. But, I will spare everyone from my excuses and myself from trying to remember everything now and will post some photographs of my time there.

But one thing I must do is mention a few people who did lots to make my stay a memorable one, in many ways.

My parents, Deise and Carlos. My sisters (Heloisa, you are a star!) and nices. Walter. Xiko, Renato Estrela, Walter Tuche and his bunch. Ganso, with his old jokes and lesson on Brazilian political affairs - sorry I didn't add much to the conversation. Alvaro Alvarenga and Otavio. The ladies and kids at the Creche. Adriana e Mestre Sylvio. Carlos, although we didn't manage to meet. All the chefs, cooks, bakery staff and baristas (actually, there are no baristas in Rio, everyone makes a good espresso). The bus driver who drove behind me at 40km/h on this narrow, busy road for almost 5 minutes. So many people...

This is now becoming a blog post... I will write a couple of posts on Riding in Rio a bit later.



Nils and Anke said...

Oh wow, those are great pictures, Alberto! It's a good medley of most of the parts of Rio I guess? Some bling, some crazy traffic jam, some less bling, some everything. Really enjoyed it! And glad you made it home with no (hopefully) dramas.

AMR said...

Thanks Anke and Nils, it is indeed a very colourful place, plenty of interesting subjects to photograph. Trip home was tough... around 38 hours from Rio to Brisbane. But no dramas.
How is Adelaide? I will check your blog for news.

Trike Girl said...

Awesome shots Alberto! Thanks for sharing.

PeteG said...

Fantastic pics Alberto, they tell a wonderful story of what must have been a great holiday. Good to see you back in Brissie and we're looking forward to your trade mark attacking rides at HPRW!!

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