Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Philippe Gilbert, finally and deservedly the Belgium National Champion

"Gilbert had finished second in four editions of the Belgian national championships but was unbeatable in the scorching hot conditions. He must surely be the favourite to win the uphill finish of next Saturday’s opening stage of the Tour de France."

It is not the first time I write about Philippe Gilbert (here) and won't be the last but I am now happy he is going to wear the Belgium national champion colours. Looking further in the season, I can't think of a better man to also have the Rainbow jersey.

OK, he is my favourite pro rider. But Gilbert has shown an incredible form this year again, winning some big races and his home Tour. I am convinced he can add a TdF stage win to his palmares this year.

Talking Tour de France, there is not long to go now for our sleeps to get a little shorter again...

Other National Champions (road) racing in the 2011 TdF:
  • Jose Joaquin Rojas - Spain
  • Bradley Wiggins - Britain
  • Sylvain Chavanel- France
  • Fabian Cancellara - Switzerland
  • Nick Sorensen - Denmark
All 2011 national champions here.

On training, just my modest cycling life this time, I have managed a good recovery week after the Tablelands, followed by a solid build week, after changing a couple of things.

Having struggled a bit juggling my early shifts and training this year - not very good with time management either - I changed my training plan to a nine-day block, with a recovery ride or no riding at all after my first early shift at work (I do three of those), doesn't matter what day of the week it might be. It means I get more rest and I don't get stressed with "I must get on the bike" thought haunting me when I barely have the energy to get kitted up. I get home, I eat and I sleep.

So far I am feeling better and more motivated, let's see if I can back it up with another good week...

On training still, the power meter (and the WKO software) has helped me realize that I need to train harder. I am not saying I will do 500-700 km a week - that would make me too tired to do anything else - but I need to put more stress, or TSS, into my rides. It means training harder when the program says so, naturally.

Here are some weekly numbers:

To finish off, a glimpse of my Power Profile Chart (watts/kilo) with visible improvements in the last couple of blocks but expert advise is needed for this one. (previous here).


Time for an easy ride!

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