Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cycling hint #1: wear gloves

This is not the most important advice for riding a bike but as I see more and more people riding in bunches and racing without gloves (even in winter), I thought it was a good idea to start with it.

Wear gloves because they:

- provide a non-slip grip
- allow you to wipe sting off your eyes
- enable you to brush debris off the tires
- cushion your hands against road shock
- protect your palms should you hit the deck
- can be used to wipe your nose when a bit snotty

And if you are worried about your tan line, forget it, we already have panda-like markings around our eyes.

Safe riding!


Groover said...

Riding without gloves in the Australian sun makes your hands look prematurely old and ugly! Not kidding!

AMR said...

Got that before I started cycling...

MDScaper said...

And what about the tan lines from the helmet straps!

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