Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tablelands and am I ever going to win a race again?

Like Bozic in the Tour de Suisse, I would be ecstatic by crossing the line ahead of the bunch again. And, I thought the 2011 Tour de Tablelands was going to be it...

I felt a bit tired by the end of week seventeen, the recovery week before the tour. I thought it might have been that I found hard to get the recomended eight hours plus sleep that we need or, perhaps, because I did a little more than I should have... But came race week, everything seemed to fall into place. I felt ready for it.

Anyhow, I went to the Far North planning to get at least one win, perhaps on stage two which we were told was made for climbers. More like for non-sprinters, I felt.

Well, I tried everything on stage one, two and three (the TT) and I even sat in for a good part of stage four saving my legs for the last 3 or 4 km of the tour where I planned to get away and leave the sprinters behind. I tried four times just to be reeled in again and again, and had only enough juice left to finish behind the sprinters AGAIN.

So, it was a hard weekend of racing but it was fantastic to be back in the Far North, racing the Tour de Tablelands and catching up with old Cairns friends. To finish it off, I did one of my favourite rides as a recovery ride, which is on the Cairns to Port Douglas road. Very tropical, very picturesque part of this country...

And the numbers after the tour looked like this:

It must be time to start training hard.


C Grace Cyclist said...

Nice work Alberto...

Don't worry - I've been racing for over 5 years now, and haven't won a single thing!! ;)

Great to see you animating the race though. I'm beginning to train hard again so I can do the same thing... :)

AMR said...
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AMR said...

Thanks CGC.
It was a lot of fun(some hurt) and there were some nice guys in the bunch, most putting the hammer down. It makes up for not getting a win.

That is it: we've got to train harder!

Good luck!

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