Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hi Phil, I want a new bike... the Cervelo S5

The day after a 200+ TSS ride is pretty much set as a recovery day, the off-the-bike type I have been told a few times (yes, by Sandra). Add a couple of elucidating (and scary) blog posts on being tired (1) and TSS (2) on Joel Friel's blog and my plans for the day were all around Inbox clean-up, a few house chores, getting in touch with the family on Live Messenger and very little about cycling and bikes (perhaps cleaning them)...

Well, that was going well until I hit the tag and found the Cervelo S5 as today's tech feature. What was I supposed to do then? I am a bike rider after all!

Anyway, I don't care if Bikesnob and his followers, the keyboard podium seekers, have wasted their time calling Cervelos lawyers & dentist's bikes, I am convinced if somebody has a bit of funds and wants a pushbike (admittedly that's what they are!) to train and race, a Cervelo is the best choice. Just check the inexpensive S1 in their range, that bike has won Paris-Nice!

Why? Because that's what they are made for, going fast. That's what those tech guys are getting paid for. Although they still look good, they are not spending too much time in beautifying them, they are working on their speed on the tunnel and on the road. Like they always did!

Anyway, check this video out and tell me what you think. I am going to kick back and wait for Phil's call. Yes, I am talking about Phil White, one of the founders and CEO of Cervelo Bikes, because he will understand my need to go faster and this is such a good plug on his bikes.

Enjoy it!

PS: Back to my chores... and perhaps a little session on the rollers later, just to keep the legs happy.

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Groover said...

Mmmmh, now how do I leave subtle marks on a blog post for item that I would like to add to my Christmas wish list? Maybe I will just casually mention it over dinner, maybe a little comment like "Loved the post of yours about the S5. Imagine how sexy I would look on one of those?" That might do the trick, you reckon?

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