Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"You are OK to ride!"

These are the words we all want to hear after a few days off the bike doesn't matter what the reason was...

This time, they came from the physio who is looking after my knee, and doing a great job (it makes me think what a big job it is to look after a whole team). The only restriction was not to do hills as yet.

Easy, I could just load the car and drive to Nundah for a few laps... perhaps many laps. It is amazing how I can get excited by going for a ride around "Nundah" after training and
racing on that circuit hundreds of times.

It is an interesting circuit. It is smooth, it is wide and it is reasonably protected from wind. The pace can be fast and the race full of attacks but it can be slow with a fast last lap when crafted sprinters usually get the cash.

Breaks do succeed now and then, usually with four or more riders. Average speed on the circuit can be anything from 38 to 45 km/h, depending on the grade. My best lap in training was 1 min 35 sec (sorry, just checked my 1998 traning log) for the 1.2 km circuit... I would hate to know how fast the Elite guys can do it.

Well, this time I was excited. I even decided to make this little movie to show how good this circuit really is. Here it is, enjoy it!


jaman said...

Nice work Mister Coppola,
I liked the 'feel' of the climb.
The Col De La Nundah is BIG!
Keep it up!

Dee said...

Really enjoyed the video, fantastic circuit, you are really lucky. OK, now I need to get a helmet cam and do some of ours. Can I speed up the video so you are not bored?

AMR said...

Thanks Dee. It is a great little circuit, you will love racing it. And you can just hold on to a little camera like mine...

Hey Mr Jaman, there were only six or seven of us in that first race, and you won!

Ok, off to do some training...

Will said...

cool video/music. gald to hear the knee seems to work

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