Monday, March 15, 2010

First race of the season / Ups and Downs

I signed up for my first race this season, YEAH!!!

It will be a little early as I will still be in the Base phase of my program but it is going to be my first race with the QSM Team and in a Masters A bunch - 30 plus riders in this race - that looks more competitive than ever. So, it is not going to be about getting a result for myself, it is going to be about assisting the other riders in the team as much as possible and hopefully finishing the race.

I am really looking forward to racing my bike again!

Ups and Downs

The week was about to end with some good figures, and more importantly, with a feeling that the training I am doing is working. There were some long and strong rides, 4:20 on Wednesday with a friend to Elimbah and back and 4:00 on Saturday with friends from QSM Racing Team, which included Mt Mee road. In between, a couple of shorter rides with a little more intensity. All good fun!

Feeling a bit tired Sunday morning, I decided to sleep a bit longer and not ride before work as planned. I would have had time to get home and quickly jump on the bike for a couple of hours before dinner. But, it was not to be. At work, in the morning still, while pushing some heavy equipment, I twisted and strained my right knee.

Immediately after a sharp pain, came the thought that I wasn't going to ride after work and finish my training week. I got angry! Perhaps on the trainer if I could apply some ice straight away and put my leg up... It didn't work and I spent the rest of the shift limping around and feeling very pissed off about the whole thing.

Back to work this morning and having to stand for most of the day didn't help. I can really feel that I damaged some soft tissue on my knee and have the feeling it will take a few days to heal.

It's recovery week so I hope I can at least get on the trainer, even if I do all the training with one leg!!!

Week Ten (Base):
Time: 15 h 30 min
Dist.: 415 km

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