Monday, March 22, 2010

Too much recovery. Is that a bad thing?

I don’t know the exact answer.

My guess is that if it does happen during the Base or Build part of my training, it is not going to be a huge problem. I had no choice so I will call this time off the bike a “Super Recovery Week” and make a couple of changes to the rest of the program, perhaps shortening one of the cycles or postponing my return to racing.

The knee injury has been managed by a couple of visits to the physiotherapist, ice, lots of exercises and a few short, zero resistance spins on the trainer. I was surprised with the improvement I felt after just one visit to the physio so I am sticking to it.

With the exception to the visits to the physio and a trip to work, I had no choice but to sit at home last week and try to manage my knee injury as well as possible. I needed to find things to do so a bit of time in the garage working on my bid to help the planet seemed like the right thing to do…

Twelve tubes got fixed, tested and packed... under some stringent guidance and background music by JJJ. Very therapeutic to say the least!

Heading out on Sunday (after spending some time with Sandra and doing my exercises and trainer session) I met a few of the QSM Team riders who were racing the Dutton Cycles Criterium. It made it easier to decide on what to do in relation to my program. I will be shortenning the Base phase by one week, racing with the team next Sunday (first open event since Sep 09) if the knee holds up and will start the last block of Base the following week.

Let's see how it pans out...

Week Eleven (Super Recovery):
Time: 2 h 10 min
Dist.: 40 km


Will said...

Good luck with the knee.

AMR said...

Hi Will,

Thanks, and good hearing from you!

The knee will hold up, the rest... ;-)

But cheers!!

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