Monday, March 1, 2010

Lots of time on the trainer... need to do the work.

Last week was a bit like that due to the huge amount of rain we have been getting around here. Almost one third of my training time spent on the wind trainer. Pretty tough sometimes as the mind drifts and questions on the point of doing it at all comes to mind.

At times like that, I try to focus on the season and races ahead and tell myself that I need to do the work if I want to do well.

It is as simple as that.

Week Eight (Base):
Time: 14 h 45 min
Dist.: 400 km


Dee said...

you are better than me. The rain kept me off my bike this weekend, but I could have/ should have gotten the trainer out. Today looked like a real shocker in Brisbane!!

AMR said...

And it is going to be like this for a few more days. I have twenty hours scheduled for this week... Might have to re-schedule ;-)

Will said...

well done .... indoor trainers are evil , but necessary evil sometimes

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