Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tomorrow, first race of the season...

It has been a while, over five months in fact, since I raced if I don't count the club criterium a few weeks back. As it is happening before the end of my Base training, I will be using this event as a test, no more than that.

The Masters A competition has also changed since my last race at this level -
2008 Cunningham Classic. It was hard enough at that time but I believe it to be even tougher now. Firstly, there are more younger riders (Masters 2). Secondly, there are more organised teams in the competition. So, to expect to finish with the strong guys is fairly unrealistic at this stage.

I have also joined a team this season and this is going to be my first race in the team kit. I have had a bit of a taste for team racing in the past but nothing like what I have signed up for this year - QSM Racing Team.

For tomorrow's race, the Mt Cotton Kermesse, we will have a team of four, including me. The other three riders have been racing quite a bit this year so I believe they will be in good form. For me, again, it will be a matter of hanging on until the end of the 70 minutes and giving the guys as much help as possible. That will be enough for me.

It will be a good opportunity to test my bike as well. I have had some good rides with it so far but nothing like a full on race in a tough undulating circuit, as it has been described by some.

Well, I better get some sleep!


Anonymous said...

Nice work.
Good to see your Cervelo.
Oh and you on it.
It's just the beginning...
And what a good begin.

AMR said...

Thanks Miff,
It was great just to be there amongst it... and racing with Jaman. Can't wait for the next one!!!
Cheers, AMR

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