Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day Seventy-Three: Caetano Veloso and 2010

It has been a while and I can only confirm that I am still hanging out for a good, long ride. Very likely to happen in the New Year as I wait for some form of clearance from the specialist.

Apart from a neck soreness that doesn't go away, I feel that everything else is healing nicely. The next step might be lots of visits to the physio and gym work to get back some strentgh on my left arm.

Training should start in February with some real base kilometers this time, and no racing.

The focus will be on road races in the second half of the year with three events set as A Races.
Before and in between those events, I will be working with a Masters A Team, getting designated riders to the line. Looking forward to that new role.Groover's blog .

  • QLD Road Race Championships in August
  • Grafton to Inverell in October
  • Tour of Bright in December

For now, I am enjoying the festive season (too much in form of food and drinks, I am afraid) and Sandra's parents visit.

Let me finish this post and the year with a beautiful song and a singer who has had an enormous influence on the music and lives of many in Brazil and other Latin countries.

To all, a very Happy New Year, and safe riding!


Dee said...

enjoyed very much the video, my Christmas gift from you! I hope you heal well and achieve your goals for the new year. It is hard to suffer a set back, but your positive attitude is an inspiration. I hope we make it to one of your races to cheer you on! Best wishes from Townsville.

AMR said...

Thanks Dee!
I am looking forward to hear about your training. Reading your blog, you have really done some K's this year. Add a few intervals and you will be up there!!!
From the Pangeza House, we wish you a wonderful 2010.

Groover said...

Getting goosebumps everytime I hear that song ... and the movie Frida was pretty amazing, too. Love Caetano Veloso! Thanks.

Bluenoser said...

Have a good year coming up with long rides and building health!


AMR said...

Thanks Bluenoser!!
We wish you a safe and fun filled 2010!
Ride hard!!

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