Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 48: Thirty Seconds to Mars

It is looking pretty grey out there. So, and after my last post, I decided to do my bit to brighten up things a little.

I won't be writing a long post after a friend sent me a copy of the latest Velo Classic Tours newsletter this morning. With great style, the author gives a lesson on our present communication values and hunger for fast-food like information. More reading needed from my part...

From there, I moved to the web site where I found the full piece on the Italian cycling cuture. Well worth a read..
When the Legend Becomes Fact, Print the Legend.

To finish it off, and really brigthen the day (I hope!), check this video by 30 Seconds to Mars, a band from LA.

30 Seconds To Mars - Kings and Queens
Uploaded by RAKhufu. - Explore more music videos.

Have a nice day, off to the physio now, smiling!

1 comment:

Theresa said...

The article sounds interesting. I read something once that referred to the present-day newsmedia as the "info-tainment telesector". I stayed home yesterday and watched a little bit of Kochie and Mel and realised just how fitting that title is...

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