Friday, January 25, 2008

Twilight Series Criterium Race, Nundah

Raced B Grade with another 40 guys and a couple of women. Good easy race for the first 10 min, a couple of minor attacks. Just kept my cool and tried to save energy for the first sprint at 20 min. Then, this guy takes off without any reaction from the bunch.

A couple of kids decided to take control and chase... And I mean: KIDS! So, to the front I went to work with them but unfortunately they didn't have the top speed because of their restricted gears.

I did a couple of hard laps on the 1.2 km circuit and with little help watched the guy get the sprint with a 20 sec gap. At that stage I was getting tired quickly, I needed to save for the finish. But every time I tried to have a rest the speed dropped and the the gap increased... The guy got to a 31 sec gap in the front.He was powering!!! And we were struggling!!!!

Eight min to go in the 35 min criterium, I had to do some thing. I jumped to the front and started pulling huge turns, hoping to drop a few sprinters in the process. Well, I ended up dragging the whole lot with me, typical. VERY tired now, I decided to have a quick rest before the bell and get a good position for the sprint for second. Too late, that was the bell!!! I managed to get to the front without difficulties as the speed dropped, in fact I got to a very good position as I thought the big sprinters were ahead of me.
It is a 400 m straight to the line, you don't want sprinters behind you... Ended up second wheel on the last turn, saw two guys going for it. One on each side of the 8 m wide track. Cool, if my wheel could lead me out... but he couldn't. With 150 to go I sort of noticed the sprinters going pass so I shifted to the 11 and went for it. Too slow to catch them, to late to catch one of the two in front and a finish at 55.7 km/h for fifth.

Great race, I should be happy with it as it is very early in the season. I should also remind myself that these races are just part of the training... and keep focusing on the goals ahead.

Anyhow, see if you can check that one out...

See you!

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