Friday, January 11, 2008

The River Loop

Another popular ride around here is the River Loop, the river being the Brisbane River. Almost every morning of the week, folks get up and on their bikes to meet at a couple of spots in the city and then ride along the river (road or bikepath) for an hour or so, finishing the ride in one of the many coffee shops.

That's what I did this morning, a slow, easy ride. I rode with my partner and a friend, showing them one of the many ways of doing the loop. Yes, there are many ways of doing it, specially as you cross the river and head back to town riding through a few suburbs on the south side of the river.

As I said, this ride can be done in many different ways as in where to go but you can also choose the pace. The most popular one being the Wednesday Worlds which leaves from La Doce Vita Cafe on Park Road. It does start in a medium to fast pace and turns into a mad race with 30 or 40 riders going flat out and led by local Elite riders in need of some mid-week excitment and glory. No prizes to be won, just the right to that proud smile as one sips onto their large Lates in the busy Cafe.

But this morning it was nice and easy and we didn't stop for coffee as it was raining and we just felt like getting home and out of the wet lycra gear.
Still, I am glad I got out of bed and on the bike.

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