Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Race

Sunday morning, I am at work and thinking of what happened yesterday in my first club race for 2008. From now on, I have to practise this post-race analyses so I can have a better idea of where I went wrong and more importantly, where I went right. Never forgetting that luck plays an important part on race results as well.

Yesterday, I planned to race conservatively and I did. Being in the beginning of my Base training, I wanted to be able to cover a couple of attacks but not all and save energy for the last 10 min of the 60 min race, where I thought the "winning move" from a couple of the strong guys would happen...

The move did happen with one, two and then a fourth guy. I did let them go as I saw a couple of strong guys still in the bunch. I went to the front and kept them at a safe distance, waiting for a move from one of these guys to bridge the gap. Suddenly, a noise of someone getting a puncture... One of the strong guys was gone.

If it was an important race, I would have panicked but this was a club race, and I wasn't there to give everything. I still went to the front and chased the four riders for two laps of the Lakeside Circuit, pretty much by myself. I didn't manage to get to them but I dropped the rest on the last climb and finished 5th.

As I was taking it as a test, I was pretty happy with the result and finished the day riding to town for a coffee (120+ Kms in total).

Lakeside Circuit:

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