Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Training starts...

All tests done, I have now started the training. Good that I started with an Easy 30 km ride as our weekend was filled with racing, hill climb and a 100 km ride on Sunday.

Last test:

  • Mt Gravatt climb (Brisbane) after the morning race at Nundah
  • 2.2 km in 06:15 on a 6.6 % Gradient

Tuesday: So, out of bed at 04:00 am, rest HR at 48 and on the bike at 04:40. It was still dark but it felt good to be on the bike from the first few hundred metres. I warmed up for 30 min and then started my first effort ( 25 min in E2 with 90-95 RPM).

It did feel hard in the beginning but as I got the HR up and found a rhythm, it wall became fun. Unfortunately, I had to cut the second effort short as I was running out of time and had to be at work at 07:00.

Although I felt good on the bike, I felt really tired for the rest of the day and pretty moody at work too. but that's is another issue.

I had dinner with a glass of a NZ white and head to bed at around 20:30. I woke up at 03:00 as I had to be at work at 04:00 but couldn't get up... the hay-fever got the best out of me again. A quick phone call and I was asleep in two minutes.

Wednesday: woke up again around 06:30 as Sandra got up (also missing her 04:30 training). I still couldn't get up, best I could do was do my Rest HR test (Iain, my trainer, told me to keep an eye on it).
It was around 48 bpm which isn't too bad but way up from my 43 bpm last year. Weight is going down too, 67.8 Kg this am.

That's right, these are daily measurements I take (I think most athletes do) to see how the body is taking the training load.

As this blog is about training and racing and I decided to race tonight. Firstly, I looked at my program which told me to have an Easy ride today and another workout tomorrow. Because I basically being off the bike for 30+ hours, I figured I can race tonight and have an easy ride tomorrow instead. I also decided to race B Grade as this is close to an Open event and I am not interested in racing 25 y.o. Elite riders.

This is the web-site for the race:
( )

Results are posted on

Just hoping Iain doesn't mind as he told me to make sure I had days off in between work-out days...

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