Monday, November 16, 2009

What day is it? Thirty-third!

I used to have a different Polar HR monitor. That particular one would display short messages on the hour if it hadn't detected any form of activity in a few days. The messages were the get off your butt type. They were quite funny.

Being almost five weeks since my last ride, I have been wondering what the message would be like. Well, if the Finish guys knew how I feel right now, it would be like:

- Get on the bike, you are going nuts!

It's not that I haven't been in this situation before, I have. This time, I have a new reason to feel like that, and it's sitting right there, two meters from my chair. And apart from a 50 m ride from the shop to the car, a few touches and making very minor changes to it, it has been just like that for over twenty four hours...


PS: And a Thank you! to the guys at Fusion Cycles.


Stu Bell said...

Well, that thing looks freaking AWESOME. When are you back riding?


Anonymous said...

Nice. Very nice.
Soon you will be spinning it!

AMR said...

Hi Stu - I will see the specialist in nine days, my guess is I will be riding an hour after that...

Miff - Thanks! Wait to see the jersey that comes with it... ;-)

Happy spinning!


Bluenoser said...


Thanks for buying Canadian!

I just got the all clear to race yesterday. Too out of shape to do anything but I'll get in there mix it up and have fun.

Time for you to get on?


AMR said...

The Vroomen&White story is great. Nice that it all happened in Canada.

Racing? Set a goal to do well later in the season and work towards that... Meanwhile, have fun!!!

Not sure if I can jump on the S2 and just go for a ride... Like taking a F1 around the block.


Bluenoser said...

Bikes like to be ridden.



AMR said...

Some... only fast!!


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