Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day Forty: this is what's going on...

Pain is only a transient state

Last week went really quick. Another one.

Unfortunately, it was marked with another accident in the family. Another driver turned right in front of an incoming traffic and Sandra's effort to avoid him only minimised the impact. She run straight into the side of his 4WD. This time, the driver was decent enough to apologise soon after they got out of their cars.

CarS!! That is right, Sandra wasn't on her bike. I was so relieved.

She is now nursing sore neck and back, nothing broken. Typical whiplash symptoms. She is back on the bike after a couple of days off and looking good for the Tour of Bright.

My hopes of a miracle recovery, which would allow me to race in December are now gone. That leaves me sitting at home (I can't work or drive) waiting for the next doctor's appointment and news that will hopefully take me back to a normal life.  

I have been going for walks with a neighbour. He walks his dog and I tag along for a bit of a chat and to get a bit of exercise. It is not the same as training 2, 3 or 4 hours on the bike but it makes me feel better.

On training, I have a few riders doing the 4 Weeks Program. It has been great getting to know these riders (via e-mail, at this stage) and learning about their dedication to cycling. I can't wait to hear of their results...


Anonymous said...

Walking became the new cycle for me....I walked and walked and WALKED. I have walked every street in St Lucia (is small), walked to Sth Bank for coffee, walked to shops and so on... it was cathartic, now I can drive and cycle again, my walks are few but still there often in the evening.... I am thankful for them and what they allowed me to 'see'.... enjoy your walks Miff

Dee said...

Nice photo. I am doing my best but the slow time trial thing this morning was not good. I am weak! So frustrating to not be as strong as I should be, I will work through the program, have a Christmas break (HA!) and repeat. You go easier on me than I do, and that has been a revelation. I just want to be able to keep up with D grade, I'll let you know if I make it.

AMR said...

Hi Miff,
Happy to tell that I am all good to get on the trainer from now on... But will keep walking, it is good for the mind also!
Take care,

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