Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day Twenty-eight & Will, a cool climber

Day 28

I will be heading to hospital sometime today. Getting there will be an event in itself as I opted to catch public transport as an alternative to getting there by car. It is a small contribution by a continual whinger on the ever increasing number of cars on our roads.

The news should be good. I feel well, sleep well and don't have a problem sneezing anymore. Have you ever sneezed with a fractured rib? Don't!

It will be a matter of finding how well the C5 can take some road vibrations. But enough of this episode...

Will, the cool climber

Now and then, I check to see what Will is doing. Will is someone who I first classed as a real climber (that was on my Blogs and Other Links list). He was someone who got on his bike and climbed as many Cols as possible, as this was his challenge. A real climber, I first thought.

Now, after watching his last video, I realise that Will is something else. He is a cool climber. And, he is a cool climber because he is having a lot of fun doing what he does, climb as many Cols as possible.

And what a nice thing to do!

I am sure he has his challenges and he has to prepare himself for them. I am sure he works on technique to get up those climbs and chooses his gear to suit them. But Will has fun when he climbs and that classes him as a cool climber.

I know where I would like to be!

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