Monday, November 9, 2009

Day Twenty-six & Trek Project One

The start of another week of virtually sitting around and waiting. Still, I am hoping to get to the next weekend on a different note.

I will have x-rays and another cat-scan, which might give me an idea on where I am at the moment in terms of my healing progress. I think, and wish, they will look at the results and will tell me that it has been a very fast recovery and I can go back to my normal life... including getting back on the bike!

And talking bike, my Trek Project One started this weekend. No, I didn't go to the fancy
Trek Bikes website and put together and ordered a Madone 6.9 with the latest components in my favourite colours.

Actually, I did go on the site for a bit of fun but got bored and totally repelled by the idea that I could have my own little message painted on the top tube. Like those little stickers that amateur riders put on their bikes with their names and flag of the country where they were born in, as the pro riders have on their bikes, I find those features very tasteless.

What I did though, was to pull apart my old Trek 370 race/ commuter bike, which has been dumped since
traffic accident #1 last year, and started my own Project One, which involves turning it into a single speed commuter.


The Trek 370 in 2004

Knowing myself, this a very ambitious project. Not for its degree of difficulty, or need for a large budget, but for my history of unfinished attempts to construct anything. I was pretty good in pulling things apart, which I did from an early age, but to put them back together was usually a case of taking everything to someone who knew what they were doing to finish "my" project.

So, here it is, the start of Trek 370 SS - Project One!

Skinny, round down tube

Nice welds on the 370

Frame, bars and bent fork

Lots of left overs...

I will be posting my progress as I go.


Bluenoser said...

I did this with my old Holdsworth so if you need any pointers just ask.


AMR said...

Hi -B,

I might take you up on that right now:
Thinking about this fork.
Carbon fork
What do you think?

Bluenoser said...

Yes A,

That's a nice deal, and will take the buzz out of the road that the older fork passed onto your hands.

Save some money for an excentric hub for the rear wheel. It will save you headaches with chain tension and adjusting.


Colin said...

AMR - did you see the article in a recent BA or Ride mag about doing a conversion. Laid it outr step by step. Let me know if you want it.

AMR said...

Thanks, Colin!
We did get the issue without knowing I was going to wreck ;-) the 370...
It is going to be fun!!

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