Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day Forty-two: Cadel's Shirt

"A phrase that has become synonynous with Cadel, since Stage 15 in the 2008 Tour de France..."  explains who ever is looking after Cadel's affairs, and I would think it must be Chiara, who even has her own sweet "corner" in the official site.

Is this how the first Australian to win a men's world road race championship would like to be remembered? Somehow, it reminds of Bart Simpson's famous "I didn't do it!" phrase, a few years back.

First, we should remember that Cadel is not the first Australian to win a cycling world championship. We have Sam Hill, Warwick Stevenson, Caroline Buchanan and many others. We also have our track world champions. Meares, Mactier, Bates, too many to list here but this link can take us to a few more - Link

Now, on the shirt, I learned about this don't-stand-on-my-dog thing on BSNYC's last post but as the truth must be said, I only really payed attention to it when I read a reply to Cadel's new entrepreneurial exploit, or joke, by one of the regulars on Snob's comments section. It read:

"...& cadel w/ your "Don't stand on my dog:" business ???...

...then get that little fucker off my lawn..."

I found it funny, but I found the comment reproducing my thoughts during that Tour, when Cadel would be seen walking around, hugging this little dog as if he was a sad little boy lost in the crowd and looking for his mum (possibly Chiara).

"I hope he doesn't get on the podium with the dog!" I thought then...

Now, I kind of understand why Cadel had so many issues gaining respect from his peers, including team mates. How could anyone? We never saw the Cannibal walking around with a poodle in his arms and looking all teary after a stage of the Tour.

Shit, I am going to be hated for this and I don't even dislike Cadel Evans but I do think he could really make a worthwhile statement by repeating his efforts of Beijing, when he broke the rules and wore an under shirt with Free Tibet painted on it. Even, if he likes, every now and then, not to take life too seriously.

I do!     


Colin said...

I also like Cadel and appreciate his "differences", but sometimes it is hard.

Bluenoser said...

I'm going to have to bone up on this one.


BNS said...

AMR: I think the t-shirt is showing that Cadel's not taking it as seriously at all! I'm happy & proud of Cadels achievements. Best of all he IS different, too many roadies remind me of the "we are all individuals" scene in The Life of Brian.

AMR said...

I agree, he's not taking it too seriously NOW! I am also happy for him, his achievements came with some really hard work. But, I do think he lacked a bit of maturity in many occasions, which could be associated with the excessive focus he needed to employ to be where he is. A good PR person might have helped.

Pete said...

AMR:"Is this how the first Australian to win a men's world road race championship would like to be remembered?"

You seem to want to remember the insignificant little things presented to you by the press. He did alot more in the TdF this year than just hug his dog.
He also rode a fantastic Vuelta, Dauphine and helped Gilbert to 2 great end of season wins.

What size tshirt did you buy?

AMR said...

Hi Pete,

He has been riding well since he was two, and happen to have the biggest engine ever to be tested at the AIS (not from the press!).

But, it doesn't mean he shouldn't try to improve some aspects of being a professional cyclist.

BTW, the press didn't write: "A phrase that has become synonymous with Cadel, since Stage 15 in the 2008 Tour de France...".

Just saying...


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