Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Training intensifies!

During the meeting with Iain, my coach, we discuss a few things and I told him that the training wasn't making me feel I trained hard enough. The workouts were intense but I was recovering fairly quickly... not feeling sore or anything. In the evening, my training plan for March arrived as an attachment to an e-mail that read: Enjoy the Hills!

First workout for the week was a Strength Workout (Perform in large chainring on a long steady hill. HR:E3 for the whole effort. Cadence: 50-70 RPM).

I found a 800 m long climb with a 7-8% Gradient at Eatons Crossing, Nth Brisbane. In fact, that has been one my training courses for the last two years. With Clear Mountain added to the ride, they are the best hills for interval training on this side of town. I am glad to be training on the hills again.

The workout? I did 3 1/2 X 2 min efforts after a 35 min warm up. THEY WERE HARD!!!! I started the first one on 53x17, shifting up to the 21 and back to 19 for the last few meters. In the second one, I was using 23... and surely a slower cadence as I was going up very slowly.

I worked a little harder on the third one and went up at about 17 km/h on the 21 again. Well, that was my end as I only managed to do half the time in the last effort.

Next workout is a few high cadence exercises and another Strength Workout on Thursday. An Easy ride on Friday and a club race on Saturday. I am looking forward to Lakeside again, it has been a long time since I raced there.

Hope to catch up with a few friends also!

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