Thursday, March 6, 2008

Are jerseys an important part of the equipment?

I think so.

The way I see it, jerseys have to fit well, last thing you want is your jersey flapping like a flag, rolling up your back and exposing your skin or swinging around with the weight of things you have in your pockets. I like them firm against my skin without making breathing even a bit laborious. Remember, you will be wearing a bib and a HR transmiter under the jersey.

The Club Jersey

Of course, they must suck the sweat off your skin (simple terms here) and let it evaporate into the air. I don't want to ride with my jersey soacked in sweat (extra weight!!), a good way to see how it works is to have a look at other rider's jersey during a hard and hot ride. If they are wearing a jersey made with quality material, you will see the salt marks on them as only the water from the sweat will evaporate.

Full pockets

Make sure you can get your hands in the pockets without having to be a contortionist. Riding at 45 km/h and struggling to get to those needed bars or gels when it might be the last chance you have before you hit the climb isn't bright.

Any coulor, as long as it is black!

Well, I do believe in looking smart, cool, stylish if you can. Who doesn't? So, I don't go for jerseys with too many logos, animals, cartoon characters, etc. And, I don't like to go around like a billboard, advertising something for no reason. I go plain.

Finally, wear what makes you feel good, that's how you want to be feeling as you line up for that crit.

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