Sunday, March 16, 2008

Racing, more training and masters cyclists...

This morning, Sandra and I raced the last round of the Sizzling Summer Series.

It was a fun Series with good racing and some lessons to be learned. In my situation anyway...

Firstly, finding tactics to beat the opposition when the course doesn’t really suit you. With a long down hill finish, there is no point in trying to beat the “heavy” sprinters. They were reaching speeds above 71 km/h. That’s 2 km/h faster than my top speed at the moment. In race 3, two guys attacked on the last incline and stayed away. Creativity, determination, timing and a bit of luck! When you put those factors in the mix, your chances increase a great deal.

In second, I would say, have a second plan. For today’s race I had a plan in my head and I was confident that it would work. Well, the commissaries changed the course due to a wet weather condition and my plan went down the drain also. I started the race with the thought “I will see what happens during the race and make a decision then…” That was wrong!!! Simply, I wasn’t determined to do anything great but just sit there and wait for someone else to move. I needed a second plan of attack!

Keep your position. It is so important to be able to hold on to that wheel. When the guy in front accelerates, you have to be able to give 100% to stay with him. If you don’t, someone will jump in that gap. And, it doesn’t matter how small it is. Positioning in the last lap or final km is so crucial. I noticed myself dropping to the back on those situations as I wanted to save for the sprint not realising that I would have to work harder to get to the front again to contest the sprint.

Lastly, remind yourself what the event represents in the big picture. If it is not a race with a priority “A” in your calendar, don’t stress. Just go out there, have fun and perhaps try a “kamikaze” move. It doesn’t really matter if you pull it or not… It is a “hard training group ride”, that’s all!

Training this week

A little less km prescribed but there is an increase in the intensity again. I am also looking forward to do another club race, they are always fun.

Masters cyclists in advertising

With the huge buzz around cycling these days, with bike shops selling a crazy amount of top end bikes to older guys/girls, people that don’t even race, I found one company running a smart advertising campaign. Italian clothes manufacturer, Giordana, launched and used a master cyclist in the advertising of its range of bib short and jersey FormaRed.

I always liked the Italian cycling clothes but have, in the past couple of years, decided to support a local business and Australian manufacturer by buying and advertising their stuff. Now, looking at the two photos used by the two companies with the eyes of a 47 year old cyclist, I immediately question myself on what brand I would like to be wearing.

I could really see myself in that FormaRed gear, stretching the material with my big muscles (just dreaming here!!) and looking stylish and determined.

In the other hand, I could not see myself standing in between the two "pro" riders pulling faces to look mean and/or cool (I can't work it out...).

These are obviously two distinct approaches and two different levels of advertising budgetary, but it shows how the Italian company recognises the value and the revenue making potential in a market where the master cyclist is the one buying the Pinarello Prince.

What would your choice be?

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