Friday, March 28, 2008

Strenght training, spin intervals, hills and riding in the rain

I am one of those lucky people, in a way. Usually, my colds/flu hit me really hard when they come but they also go away very quickly. So, back in training on Tuesday afternoon with some strength work (Stomps) along the flats at Samford Valley with one new climb added to list of "done that". It wasn't in the program but my riding partner spoke about his earlier attempt and kind of "challenged" me to have a go at it...

Ok then! He was talking about Mt O'Reilly's climb which I have heard of but have never seen. I was aware that one of the local cycling clubs promotes the ”
Mt O'Reilly's Challenge" once a year. Apparently, not many people make it up the hill.

The sign at the bottom showed a 20% gradient and looking up I guessed it was about 250 m long with a right bend at the top. I hoped that one could find the end of it just pass the bend... Wrong!!

I started by dropping one of my drink bottles on the side of the road (=750g) and shifted to 39x19 which rapidly turned onto 39x25. At about a quarter of the way, I could not spin anymore and it was out of the saddle and grinding... I was waiting for my cleats to snap off the soles of my shoes or perhaps the tendons on my knees to give in... A slight move forward on the bike and the rear wheel started to slip, moving back a little too far and the front wheel started to lift off the ground.

Half way up and I was wishing for flat MTB handlebars and a 27t. My friend made it to the 100 or 150 m mark, I couldn't look back (or down), I just kept grinding and made it to the bend. It was difficult to stop and unclip even. Looking up I learned that there was no end in sight... Where does the challenge end? It ended for me, at the 360 m mark and 164 bpm.

Not part of the training but it was good to experience it. I will do it again, next time a little fitter and with the 303s to help me up the "beast".

Samford Valley is a beautiful training area in the North side of Brisbane, worth a ride there.

Up at 4:30 next morning to meet a couple of friends for an easy ride and a couple of "spin intervals". Now, those are funny ones, you have to pedal as fast as you can (min 130 rpm) for a certain distance without falling off your bike... I managed 173 rpm this time and have done 183 in the past but I just keep thinking how silly it must look for someone watching from behind.

Nevertheless, it was another good ride. We went over the Samford Range, Eaton's Crossing, Albany Creek, Cashmere and back... around 60 km when I got home.

A bit of rain Thursday morning and a late start. I was meant to do some hill repeats again and chose to go somewhere different than Mt Coot-tha. At 8:45, I headed north hoping to get to Clear Mountain via Winn Road. I have done the front of this climb many, many times and really like it. Now I wanted to try the back as I was told it was a longer/tougher climb. Ideal to do my 5 min big chainring hill repeats.

The ride there was excellent but the fact that I was running out of time and wasn't going to do the hill repeats was putting me in a funny mood. So, I rode fast to the bottom and decided to hit it hard from the start and go all the way to the top (no timing), descend on the other side and head home as quick as possible, all on the big chainring.

Total: 52.8 km; Average speed: 29.5 km/h; HR Max: 159 bpm and HR av: 127 bpm.

Good ride home, fast and in very heavy rain which for some reason brought my good mood back.

Another early start this morning and a recovery ride and breakfast in Southbank. I love this ride. A few of us met at 5:00 and rode to town to meet a few more HPRW club riders for an easy River Loop and coffee at a juice bar in town. We made a deal with the owner and every Friday we finish the ride there, we buy the coffees and he feed us with Raisin Toast and jam. What else do you need? Especially after this morning’s ride, when it rained for the whole time.

This is a real recovery ride and the main point is to get to the juice bar for coffees and a good long chat...

Total: 55.4 km; Average speed: 25 km/h; HR Max: 135 bpm and HR av: 104 bpm.

Tomorrow, the club is running the first ITT for the season at Closeburn. A good chance to see where we all are with our forms and to give the handicapper some extra work with the grading for the 2008 road and handicap races. I will call Iain (coach) and ask if I should race as I am not 100% flu-free yet.

That was my week in training.

Safe Riding!


Whitey said...

Sounds like a good week of riding. I'd really like to do O'Reilly at some point, if you do it when the Lifecycle club runs it I'm pretty sure you get your name on the Honour Role for your 0.25seconds of fame.

The RT ride was really good in the rain, haven't ridden so much in the rain for ages and really enjoyed it.

See you out next week.

AMRcyclist said...

Hi Dan,
I believe you are still with LC, can you check with them how far up the climb they go... I will let you know when we will do it again.

The River&RaisinToast ride is always fun, even in the rain. And what a bunch of hard core riders!!!!

Whitey said...

I've transferred to HPRW now, just waiting on the licence to say so, so I'll expect to get it around October based on history.

I'll ask Blair how far they go up when I go in to get some insurance forms signed later in the week and let you know.

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