Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hill repeats and recovery drink!

The Hill Repeats got done. And yes, they did hurt.

I went back to Eatons Hill with John Flynn, a friend and training partner. My plan was to warm up for 30 min and then hit the climb for the 5 x 2 min big chainring repeats. I started the first one well, keeping the speed around 19 km/h using the the 17 and 19t. I felt great!

The second one was a little slower and I had to use the 21t to keep the cadence above 60. On the third I started to hurt and on the fourth I was going up at 15 km/h and turning the pedals with the assistance of the 23 and 25t.

I decided to go harder on the last one but didn't have much left and went up on the 25t and just managing to stay on 15 km/h. It was a relief to be able to drop to the small chainring when the 2 min expire and just finish the climb (another minute).

From there, we cruised down to Samford for a coffee and some pastry... I love that stuff. It was great to have someone there to give me a little incentive, I haven't done repeats before and find hard to stay motivated sometimes. Also, being able to sit down for a coffee and a chat is part of the cycling culture. All over the world, this is what cyclists do.

To head back, John led the way through the back way of Ferny Grove as he noticed on my face that I didn't need any more hills on the ride home. To get back via the Samford range was going to destroy too many of my capillaries at that stage... That is what Sandra would say!

It was a nice ride, with no cars and relatively flat. Add a km or so of riding on a dirt track through a forest and I felt like I was ready to race the Monte Paschi Eroica - have to admire that Cancellara dude - http://www.cyclingnews.com/road/2008/mar08/eroica08/?id=results

Next was the ride home, in the traffic and the mid day heat. Not very pleasant but that's the way it is!

At home, it was time for an urgent recovery drink. I had the option of digging into Sandra's special espresso flavoured 1st Endurance stuff or make my own. Option two was the chosen one as I just love using the blender...

And here is the formula: one egg; one Weetbix (multigrain); milk; honey; frozen bananas; organic chocolate powder and another grain, rich in protein.

Just deliciously natural, or naturally delicious!!!


deise said...

Meu filho vou experimentar esse coquetel, sera que engorda quem não anda de bike?

AMRcyclist said...

Acho que nao ajuda se o gol e perder peso, eu so tomo depois de uma pedalada de tres ou mais horas...

I believe it is not the right formula if the aim is to loose weight, I drink it after cycling for three hours or more and within the first 30 min. A normal meal will follow it after one hour.

Sev said...

Love the drink. I had a hard 2.5 hour ride yesterday and thought I would try it. Can't believe how good it tastes, I was skeptical. Thanks! Sev.

AMRcyclist said...

I hope it helped in your recovery also... Cheers!

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