Friday, March 14, 2008

Good training week so far...

It has been another hard training week since hill repeats got introduced to the program. I also did some extra kms, easy kms, as I did a couple of rides with friends ( of course we added a couple of sprints after coffee and cake).
The week:
  • Mon - Easy 40 km
  • Tue - Hill repeats 60 km
  • Wed - Cadence work 80 km
  • Thu - Hill repeats 50 km
  • Fri - Easy 40 km

Next couple of days:

  • Sat - Easy 50 km
  • Sun - Race 40 km + Easy 60 km

I did have a massage with Alex yesterday with the objective of freshening up my legs for Sunday. I must say, he went a little harder and deeper than I expected and tonight on the bike I felt like they were were made out of cement. Surely, they will be firing like Voigt's, on Sunday.

Voigt in Stuttgart 2007

The race is the final round of the Summer Series in Crestmead. Like everybody else, I will be giving everything I have on this one... With a little bit of luck and good timing, I will try to open a bigger gap on the incline and try to stay away. It is a shorter circuit this time around hence a better chance to get to the finish line before the heavy sprinters, who always have an advantage on the long down hill finishes. (Race 4)

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