Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easy rides, Mt Mee, Easter and Friends...

I am going to make this one a short pictorial with just a few words for a change.

The plan for the Easter weekend was to do a couple of easy rides and spend time with Sandra and friends and avoid eating chocolates. That's what I did:


Bunch ride to Dayboro and Mt Mee (110 km) and brunch at David and Donna's place... Real treat!!! Then, a sleep in the afternoon and dinner at Oyama Japanese restaurant - presently, our favourite!

Always time for a chat

The Bunch

Mt Mee road


As the rest of the group chose to hurt themselves going up another mountain (see Sandra's blog), David and I decided on an easy and flat ride to Sandgate, a stride along the beach and riding back on the Boondall Wetland bike path (62.8 km).

David Fyfe loving the morning ride

Sandgate Esplanade

The peaceful Boondall bike path


Someone's front lawn in Shorncliffe


Anonymous said...

Adorei a arvore, vou dar um laço aqui tambem.
Feliz Páscoa para vcs dois
Beijos sua mãe

Groover said...

I wish I had come with you and David. :-)

Whitey said...

Hi Berty

I hope you get better soon and it doesn't severely impact your training for the Tour de Tablelands!

I'd like to get a copy of that book as well, sounds like a good read!


AMRcyclist said...

Thanks Whitey,
I will be good in a couple of days.
And back in training by Tuesday...

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