Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter riding and winter training

My groover-half keeps telling me that I don't really know what I am signing up for when I plan to ride a bike in Europe, in March. She is not talking about cobbles or steep roads, she is talking about winter riding.

The memories of filling one of my drink bottles with hot tea and honey for the early rides to Park Road, during Brisbane's winter period, reveals the kind of measure I took for riding my bike when the temperature dropped. That, and wearing full-finger gloves and a binny, kept me warm for the first thirty minutes, after that dawn would come and the bunch would speed up, making things warmer rapidly.

She is right, going from an Australian summer to a still occurring winter in Central Europe is going to be a refreshing experience. Even a shock to the system, some might add. But comes March, and as long as it is not too wet, I will be taking equivalent measures, and adding another layer or two, to be on the road.

And as far as winter training goes, I might just leave that for the pros...

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Groover said...

And I keep my fingers crossed that the weather will be kind because I'm dieing to show you some of my favourite loops around the Lausitzer Seenland in March. And maybe the odd cobbled road here and there, too, just to get you into the spirit. Nothing like Paris - Roubaix though...

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