Monday, January 16, 2012

Two teams, two presentations... a world apart

I have to say I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to good video productions, of any kind. But throw in a few guys or girls on bikes, a bit of technology, an exciting environment and a good sound track, I will watch it many times.

They don't make me go out and buy the bike they are riding or drown myself with the sports drink they are drinking but I do get inspiration from the dynamism, the visual effects and the creative effort put into the production for my own marginal cycling aspirations.

When I watched the newly formed Project 1t4i team presentation video, I immediately bookmarked it and thought of placing it here. To me, it is a great production made with the use of superior, accessible technology and style. In fact, I would love to watch it on a bigger screen...

Next, because I live in Australia (yes, a world apart) and I am an Australian cyclist, I felt it would be a nice thing to do, to look at the new Australian Pro Team - Green Edge Cycling - team launch video and observe how they presented their band to the world.

And a band it was!

Not really, it was more like a laughable let's-kick-arse-choir-version of I Won't Back Down (and who the f**k is Jason Aldean?), where the real musicians in the studio looked like they were about to die of boredom.

Ok, it is an inexpensive production as money is hard to find theses days. Unfortunately, that's not an excuse for the use of the basic feature of a video making program for 1/4 of the running time. It can be considered bad taste.

Throwing in the obviously-rehearsed colloquial You Beauty! line somewhere in the middle didn't really help and to finish it off with one of the stars of Australian professional cycling walking by, looking terribly silly and failing epically in his impression of larrikinism. Oh man, that is a bad video.

But guys and girls, the results will speak for themselves (with radios or no radios), so good luck for the 2012 season and don't think the world is trying to drag you down, just put another video together for your team preso.

Looking forward to see you in Paris!

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