Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One nice clean bottle

The nice email from Scott (no sponsorship with GreenEdge if that's what pops to mind) came a while ago. I say nice email because he described the way he found my blog as "noodling through some cycling sites my Australian buddy showed me".

And I always like to know that someone, somewhere on this planet has found my blog, even through some "noodling"...

Scott works for Clean Bottle, in California. He decided to get in touch because they were starting to send their product to Australia and he wouldn't mind me trying what he described as the cleanest cycling water bottle on the market. He didn't want me to write a review on it and didn't ask me to put any free advertising on the blog, he just asked if I wanted to try one.

I got the bottle just before the end of the year but to be honest I didn't take it with me on the bike because I was doing some long rides around that time, rides that required the use of two bottles not one. I have to confess that I do not take different drink bottles on my rides. I just don't!

It would be, for those who wear team kits, like wearing a Lampre pair of nicks and a Rabobank jersey on the same ride... Don't do it!

But I did use it eventually and found the bottle to be really well designed, easy to handle and to drink from. The main feature which is the possibility of removing the screw-on-bottom to clean it is simple, very innovative and very useful after a ride.

Innovative was also the way Clean Bottle founder, David Meyer decided to introduce his product to the world. Watch one of his videos...

Anyway, I decided to write this short post and do a little more than just trying the bottle for a couple of reasons. First, I find the bottle to be a clever, well designed and well made product. And secondly, I like the culture of the company and the creativity behind the whole process of making it, marketing it and selling it.

Good work guys, this is one nice bottle.

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