Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's happening?

Someone asked me another day how the training for the P-R Challenge was going. I answered that it was not going.

Excusably maybe but with a bit of time up my sleeve, I chose not to start anything too serious, training wise, because I believe I need to sort out a couple of niggling bits in my body first (again!). The last thing I want is to hit the cobbles with a body that isn't at least 90% right, if you know what I mean.

Conveniently, that was also the opinion of the renowned physiotherapist I have been visiting lately. Unfortunately for me, his painful magic isn't working quickly enough (he said it wouldn't) and my, perhaps accountable, line of work isn't helping either.

Having said that, I felt good on the bike during the two (not so easy at times) long rides I've done this year. Does that say I should quit my job and just ride my bike and attempt to write about it for that will get my body fixed and ready for the challenge I have signed up for?

Not that fast. I am having some medical investigations done at the moment, hoping that something can be found, as unwise as it sounds, and precisely dealt with. Or ignored completely so I can go on with it.

It's time to look for those moments, riding moments!

Have a good ride.


Faizel said...

Good luck. I hope your condition improves soon, so that you can start racking up those trianing hours.

AMR said...

Thanks, mate. It is all looking good at the moment. It will be a matter of putting a Friel's crash training program together...

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