Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome back, Matt Lloyd

"After a small meal, it was time to head back. This time, I wanted to stick to my low HR Zones even if that meant getting dropped by every bunch. That's what actually happened until I got picked up by a small group travelling on a smooth and constant 30 km/h.

And smooth it was, perhaps the smoothiest bunch I have ever riden with. A quick look and I noticed a green and gold band on one of the rider's jersey. Another look and I noticed the OMEGA PHARMA LOTTO kit and the race number on the Cannyon (#34).

The guy next to me said: "Yeah, some of us went to school with Matt and came here to support him on the race..."

Good on you, guys and yes, I did ride with a pro cyclist in Adelaide. And... I loved it!"
- Riding with a Pro, Jan 2010

I am happy to see Matt Lloyd back on a bike and getting the silver medal in the Australia Championships.

A Day to Remember -

Great ride at Buninyong, mate. Good luck for 2012!!

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