Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time to get some miles in... and Acai berries for health

About 8 1/2 weeks for THE CHALLENGE, it is time to get on the bike for some genuine training. The first thing, and hardest: testing. I need to do a threshold power test (FTP) to set up a bench mark and my training zones. These tests do hurt so I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I am looking forward to it!!

So, to Nundah for a few laps around the Circuit in a couple of days.

Interesting that when I made this video in 2010, I was coming back from an injury. Almost two years later, I have another injury (not bike related) I must keep an eye on.

The training for the challenge should be a bit different because it is not a race. The goal is to finish in the velodrome after riding 148 km, with thirty-one of them on cobble roads. I don't think I can really train for something like that here so I will be mostly working on my endurance by clocking up some miles until we get to Europe.

It is also a good time to focus on my health. The weather (as in temperature) isn't going to be too kind for a few weeks after our arrival. It might be a good thing that I am carrying five extra kilos at the moment (not panicking yet, I read Alberto was trying to shed 7.5 kg in Argentina) as they might work as insulators, and padding.

As most people who read my posts know, or know me, and without advocating vegetarianism here, I try to follow a healthy semi-vegetarian diet. To achieve this and also push myself in training and racing, I do some experiments by adding unconventional, natural elements to my daily food intake (I do take a multivitamin supplement as well). For example, Goji berries and Maca powder have been part of my breakfast ritual for a few years now and I feel I do profit from that.

For this season, I decided to try something different (nothing really new by any means) by adding high in antioxidants Acai to my diet. The berry like fruit has been used by sports people in Brazil for many years and has now become the natural supplement for everyone seeking a healthier life.

The idea came about when I was in Rio a few months ago. I noticed all the juice bars (they have been around for decades in Brazil) had Acai in some form or another, on their blackboards. At the beach, Acai was served on its pulp-form like a fruit sorbet. It was perfect after a bike ride!!

Back in Australia, and after doing a bit of reading on Acai and the Amazon jungle, I got in touch with the Bondi-crew from I told them I wanted to support their venture because of their Acai products but also, and largely, because of their concepts on sustainable practices and assistance to Amazon communities. A few weeks later, a package with Acai organic powder and Acai bars arrived on my front door with a note: "Good luck with all your upcoming competitions!"

I will stop here, for now, before this post starts looking like pure advertising.

Yet, I will recommend everyone to try the delicious Acai berry form and help communities in the Amazon, as well as giving these three Australian interpreneurs and their product a go!

Safe Riding!

(and be aware of iconic Cricket figures out there)

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