Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We are already nearing the end of January and I haven't stopped to think what I am going to do in relation to racing this year. There are a few things I need to look at in my life, or in life, and I might just have to put them before racing, for a change.

It doesn't mean I will ride my bike less. In fact, one thing I have already decided is that I want to ride more. I even started the riding year with a ride on Sandra's PeaceMaker, something she has been telling me to do for a while now. I am glad I did, the ride to the city followed by a ride to West End for coffee at a newly discovered cafe was what I needed to bring back that need to ride feeling. All uber cool!

Next, I did a couple of commutes to work. Fast, 13 km rides which I just loved doing. I don't even know for sure why I stopped riding to work after three years doing so. OK, more commuting into the year's equation!

That brings me to bikes and what bike I am going to use to do all this riding because, as I have mentioned a few times, it just doesn't feel right to commute or to do coffee rides on my racing bike. Therefore, I need another bike. But do I need a single-speed, another road bike?

Whilst I am ashamedly concerned about what bike I am going to buy and doing lots of virtual-window-shopping, life keeps going on and people keep battling on. On that, it is nice to see people creating things for whatever reason and also including cycling and cyclists in it. Watch this YouTube video - a few times if you wish to support the YouTube appeal - and perhaps remember it next time you want to buy a car.

Have a safe ride and enjoy Australia Day!

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