Sunday, January 16, 2011

Leaving Rio and finding an eerie picture of Brisbane...

Pieces of Rio

It was dark when I arrived at the Academia da Praia, and it was raining. I waited for a while hoping for the rain to ease and for a couple of brazilian riders to show up and take me on a ride around Barra da Tijuca. Neither of the two came about so I rode towards the beach and jumped on the bikepath for the trip home. Yeah, I was starting to feel like I was home.

Along the coast and unexpectedly, the clouds started to break up and the sun revealed itself, in a genuine attempt to give the Cariocas another warm and sunny Thursday at the beach.

The Thursday turned out overcast, the cariocas didn't mind. New Year's evening was near and they had to give their tan a final touch... The beach was packed. And NY eve? The beach was also packed!

Rio had become an even more colourful place than I remembered. Not just the ocean, the beaches, the street markets... but the shopping malls, the food, and now the walls of the city as well. Everywhere, we saw work by graffiti artists. Some good, some very good as Toby pointed out.

We were amazed by everything we saw and experienced during our stay in Rio. A walk in the Floresta da Tijuca gave us the chance to appreciate the immensity of one of the world's largest cities and beauty of the world's largest urban forest, astonishing views and refreshing water features.

It wasn't just time at the beach, the rides and the forest, we enjoyed visiting Rio's business district and the harbour, and looking at some of the historic sites of this city.

And there was the time spent with our family and friends. This time was what this trip was about. But I will have trouble putting words on something that was so special for Toby and I.


Landing in Brisbane

Although the news of the floods in Queensland had reached us, we had a true shock when we learned of the full extension of the disaster and damages around the state.

Not much to say... time to give a hand.

Another calamity

Sadly, we left Rio exposed and poorly prepared for a similar natural disaster. The town that I wished to visit by bike, Teresopolis, was bombarded with a month's worth of rain in less than 24 hours. The result... hundreds of deaths.

And cycling... not just yet.


Dee said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing trip. So special for you and your son, but such tragedy after you left. What happened in Brisbane is nothing in comparison. We need to think carefully about where we direct aid.

AMR said...

Thank you for you comment, Dee.
They are heartbreaking incidents, and you're right, how should we help these people?

Check this out:


Taissa said...

Amamos vocĂȘ aqui!!!!

White Glove Unpacking said...

Rio is an amazing place. I hope I can visit that place just like you.

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