Saturday, January 1, 2011

Message from Rio

Again, we met at a local bikeshop, RE Bicicletas, and again only a small number of riders showed up for the planned ride to Cristo Redentor. The bunch from WT Coaching had also planned to meet the bunch from Zona Sul (Southern Zone), which leaves from an area North of Barra. OK, that sounds peculiar but Rio is a peculiar place.

The ride was what I wanted to do, with lots of climbing through verdant coastal rain forest, the
Mata Atlantica, and beautiful views of this great city. I think it would be one of those rides I would be doing twice a week if I lived in Rio, again.

I hope the photos give a good idea of the ride - the bling - and the places in Rio de Janeiro. It was, probably, the last one for this trip - lots of things to do and people to meet - but one that was perfect as the last ride of a year full of fantastic rides with lots of great people.

Time: 2 h 50 min
Dist: 55km
Asce: 1245m

From Rio, I wish you all a terrific 2011!

Obrigado a todos,



Ana Luiza said...

Hi Beto
l am glad that you had a great time here in Rio .Yesterday l meet your mom and she told me how happy she was in the surprise breakfast ! too much emotion she has a good heart .
Ok my friend l hope that you fell well and your life is full of happiness and unforgetable moments .Happy New year .
Take care big hug Ana Luiza

AMR said...

Oi Ana,
Many thanks!
Our stay in Rio was really wonderful, very special times to say the least. Perhaps a little short, again, it is always going to be short.
Sad we didn't meet this time, it has been years...
I hope you are well and let's make sure we meet next time.
Beijos, Beto

Ana Luiza said...

Sounds great! next time we will have some fun together here in Rio . Take care . Ana Luiza

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