Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ride #2 and I miss my home brew

For my second ride in Rio, I tried to get up early and meet Walter's bunch again, this time at one of the local gyms in Barra da Tijuca, Academia da Praia. I didn't make it and I don't know if it even happened because we had a fair bit of rain overnight. I think the poor road conditions prevent riders getting out in the rain because it is too hard to spot potholes when the roads get flooded.

I decided to get out later in the morning, in nice weather, and head south on one of my surfing-days routes, which took me to a small uncrowded beach - on week days only - surrounded by coastal forest and considered one of the real jewels of Rio de Janeiro's numerous beaches, named Prainha.

The ride was partially on the road and partially on bikepaths along the beach. The bikepaths covered most of the route but are shared with other non-cycling users making them unsuitable for training but great for cruising and absorving a bit of the beach coulture and admiring the beauty of Rio's coastline and. Just what I need right now!!

Barra Beach to Prainha Beach - 21 km.

I am really glad I did this ride, which brought back memories of great times and great friends as well. The only thing I missed was a good cup of Brazilian coffee by the sea at Prainha Beach, believe it or not...

Time: 1 h 55 min
Dist: 42.5 km
Asce: 176 m

Ate mais!

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