Sunday, December 19, 2010

A quiet... escape!

I had to keep it a little quiet on the travel venture thing because I wanted it to be a surprise for my folks and my mother happens to be a regular reader of this blog... Aren't mums supportive, no matter what?

Anyhow, Toby and I made it to Rio once again. This time, we will be staying for the Christmas and NY festivities, a first time for Toby and my first in twenty-something years.

The bike didn't make the trip this time but I did pack some riding gear, my shoes and pedals and I am hoping to borrow a bike and do one or two rides while I am here. In fact, I remember driving up this beautiful road that took us to the small town of Teresopolis, 100 km or so from Rio and 871 m above sea level, where we spent long weekends and summer holidays. Perhaps I will get to ride it up this time.

Time to try to get a little sleep, three hours is just not going to be enough for what we have (kind of) planned for this hot summer day which is about to begin in Rio...

Groover, saudades!

6 am, Rio

Ate mais!


Groover said...

This is a beautiful sunrise in an amazing city.

First I thought you are absent but then I realised that it is me who is absent!

Saudades, tambem!

Will said...

Rio? Enjoy. I toured Brazil with a football team 25 years ago ..... and have incredibly fond memories.

If you cycle, take your camera (please).

PS - My mum is probably my blog's biggest reader ;)))

Adriana said...
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