Saturday, December 25, 2010

Riding old roads of Rio

After two or three great days in Rio, mainly catching up with family and friends, enjoying the beach and (lots of) the colourful and delicious Brazilian cuisine, I managed to get out for runs on the beach. I felt I was starting to need it...

It wasn't the best idea because later I was to re-discover the awkwardness of trying to move around with sore everything made of muscle fibres in the lower parts of my body. That's how it felt but I had to do it... But luck came along and a cousin offered me his bike and put me in touch with a few of his friends who are part of a cycling group affiliated to a colourful figura, coach Walter Tuche.

Coincidentally, a ride had been organised and I was kindly invited to come along. The course? Barra to Cristo Redentor, a 30 km ride (I am guessing here), on some very old roads, over a very hilly terrain (I am understating it here) and through beautiful rainforest for most of the time...

The ride was fantastic. With only a small group turning up, probably due to a down pour early in the morning, we started it with a climb straight away followed by more climbing and more climbing until we got to our turn around point, the base of the Cristo Redentor statue.

Sorry, I won't put too many details of the ride here. I will post the photographs which I believe can give a much better idea of what is like to ride a few of Rio de Janeiro's old roads. And sorry I don't have any photos of the statue itself, we were in the clouds by the time we arrived at the top.

early morning weather

my starter

early climb

more climbs...

and one more

nearing the first lookout

first two to the lookout

and the view

Gavea rock

more rain forest

second lookout

the view

and more views

the park entrance

two groups meet

Ipanema islands

bike path to get home

small, clean surf


some of Rio homes

Time: 2 h 56 min
Dist: 55.5 km
Asce: 1245 m

And, it is also about the bike, a classic bike...

Merry Christmas!


Nils and Anke said...

Beautiful AMR! Thanks for the great pictures. You did it all right to escape our wet (I'm unterstating here) Christmas.

Groover said...

Love the photos. Had to laugh about one of your captions: first two to the lookout but since you are photographing over your shoulder it is clear who was first! LOL Well, I'm not really surprised and it was a course right up your alley I suppose... :-)

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