Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brisbane's Australia Day Ride but they weren't there...

It was Australia Day and Lance and Robbie weren't there. It's was a bit disappointing because it was a great morning and they could have drawn a huge number of cyclists and collected a lot of money to help one of the national charity organisations.

Actually, the numbers weren't huge this year. Some people were training, some people were racing and for many people riding 25 flat kilometers in the city is enough for a week, they couldn't make it. Nevertheless, there was enough riders doing their best on all sort of bikes to get up to Nebo.

Enough riders congregated at the top for a chat and drinks, if Lance and Robbie had come up, they would have made a lot of money by simply going around with a donation box. Imagine that, without having to pay for the TV commercials, security, police permits, the stage, lights and sound system, the bimbos and the glamour... The profit would have been huge, I am sure.

OK, it sounds too simple and life is not like that, is it? But, again, it is a shame because it was a beautiful ride and we could have had hundreds more cyclists riding up Mt Nebo road to celebrate Brisbane cycling and Australia Day.

Still, there was plenty of bling at the top...

Next time, I will call the TV stations to say that Lance will be there...

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