Monday, November 8, 2010

Training starts again and the Fusion Criterium video

It is that time of the year in SE Queensland when all the focus start merging to the Open criterium events. Clubs do run this type of racing all year around (it's more profitable and easier to run) but when Summer gets closer, organisers of Open events also leave the hilly open roads in the country for the flat, fast criterium circuits of the cities.

One event that might have, and unofficially, opened the criterium season this year was the 2010 Fusion Criterium at Nundah, this Sunday. Unable to race, I stopped by to watch a couple of the races and support riders of the team. And I am glad I did because I witnessed some terrific racing and that might have just given me a little more eagerness for my next race, the Tour of Bright.

My preparation for Bright has been kind of complicated because of what has now been confirmed as a virus, which kept me off the bike for most of the last two weeks. Apprehensively but happy, I did get on the bike today, normally my rest day (but rest from what?), just to see how my body would respond before starting the hard stuff tomorrow.

It was an easy spin and the legs felt strong and fresh (no wonder!), the heart pumping a bit faster than normal but most of the flu-like symptoms disappearing as I got warmed up. Perhaps I can start going a bit harder tomorrow. Not that I have much choice, I have 25 days to get race fit and ready for one of the toughest climbs in the Australia. And, I would like to loose 3.5 kg, if I haven't mentioned before...

Yet, I have decided not to stress too much about this race and concentrate on going there to learn as much as possible about the Mt Hotham climb and go back next year with bigger goals in mind. Sandra will be heading down with me so it is certain we will be exploring a few other climbs in the Victorian Alpine region.

Next on the criterium calendar is the Twilight Series, run by the HPRH cycling club, also at Nundah. I am not sure if I will be racing the first race of the Series because I still have Bright ahead of me. So, training for road races and hill climbs is my priority right now. I also like to avoid the risk of crashes, which do happen fairly regularly in criterium races.

So, it is going to be climbing, climbing and climbing for the next two weeks. I am looking forward to that!

Finally, to get everyone excited about the criterium season and show a couple of ways this type of racing can be won, I put this short video of the Masters A and Masters B finishes on Sunday .

Enjoy it!!

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