Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Training for Bright, kind of hard sometimes...

I am finding it hard.

To get up in the morning and feel that I am not at my best, physically, and have it verified by an abnormally high resting heart rate makes me think that only a miracle will get me through the Tour of Bright stages in one piece.

In the past few seasons, my HRrest had been in the mid-forties, and as low as 43 bpm. To find it at 54 bpm yesterday morning illustrated that the virus is still hanging around, or perhaps that I am super-unfit at the moment. I want to believe in the former and that in a couple of days it's going to be over and I will be able to regain some fitness Bright.

Heart rate and sickness aside, I started the week with an easy and flat ride to Sandgate and back, forty or fifty kilometers is my guess because I have been riding without a bike computer. So, it was all by sense, no numbers, just how the legs turned and felt. And they felt good, rested at least.

Yesterday was noted as low duration and intensity in the program but I decided not to waste to much time (yes, I am counting the days now - 25) and slowly made my way along the undulating Bunya road, heading to Samford's Goat Track for a slow climb to Mt Nebo. For the first part of the ride the legs felt good and I managed to keep my HR down on the uphill bits. Kind of a good feeling.

I have to say, riding in places like Bunya and Samford in the middle of the day, when there are very few cars and trucks around is a recipe to feel good on the bike no matter what. These areas are just stunning, picturesque examples of SE Queensland rural landscape... and great for training.

The second part of the ride was about climbing the Goat Track but the plan changed as I rode towards the base of the mountain. I remembered sending Sandra up the super steep Mt Glorious road during her preparation for Bright last year.

Like with Sandra, almost twelve months ago, I chose this way as a means of testing my strength when trying to turn the cranks on seriously steep climbs (eg. Mt Hotham). That's what this climb is... steep.

I didn't make it to the top, I was short by one hundred meters or so. But it was a good exercise, or test, as I had to work hard on my position on the bike to stop the rear wheel slipping or lifting the front wheel. The legs hurt but felt strong enough, the main issue was the HR which spiked to a sickening level with 200 m to go. No point pushing beyond that when there is something going on, I took a minute break and rode the last bit steadily but with a funny taste in my mouth.

Perhaps a bit too much but it was good to know where I am. I will get back there next week for another go!

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