Monday, November 1, 2010

Training for the Tour of Bright

It has been three years since I last raced the Victorian Classic and this year will be my first since the Alpine Cycling Club moved stage three to Mt Hotham.

How do I feel about that? Well, a bit nervous really. Nervous but excited because Mt Hotham is considered by many as a world class climb, similar to climbs in the European Alps and the Pyrenees I've been told. And I will be racing it this time.

My final preparation for Bright is about to start, in fact I am a week late as I have been dealing with a virus since our return from Grafton. It makes me think that some of the texts/emails I received were correct on a virus been the possible cause of my DNF.

Anyhow, I decided to have a week off to rest - I barely left the house this weekend - and will do an easy week just to make sure I am "bug" free before starting the high intensity stuff. After discussing the "what I have done" and the "needs" for a race like Bright with Sandra - she has done four of them - I put together my program with two weeks of Build, one week of Peak and the Race week, with a total of 60 hours on the bike.

Naturally, a lot of these hours will be climbing at Medium to High intensity pace. As Sandra mentioned, I have enough kilometers in my legs to last the relatively short stages, what I will need is to be able to ride and climb at, or above my threshold when the hammer comes down. And it will!

The top 10 riders in the Masters 4/5 division finished the Mt Hotham stage in 2 h 09 min, or less, last year. That's just over 16 min slower than the Elite A winner's time. Bloody fast old buggers!

My goal this year is a top 15 at Mt Hotham and top 20 on GC but more importantly, race the Tour of Bright again!


Will said...

Beautiful looking climb.

Best of luck in the event.

AMR said...

Hello Will,
I am in fact super excited about climbing Mt Hotham, and I am getting well coached for it.

Moreover, I am hoping to get to experience some of "your climbs" in the near future.


Colin said...

I am tempted to leave the compact on a few more weeks and make use of the left over condition from the Europe trip to join you. Very, very tempted.

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